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Xeniacoin with a robust ecosystem in Africa.  

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In today’s scenario, crypto currencies are gaining traction in the market as more and more people are investing in them. In this crowded crypto world, XENIA Coin (XEN) is one of latest additions offering a safe, accessible gateway for making the most of your crypto currency portfolio. Being an asset-backed crypto currency, XENIA Coin is a prime digital token on the Six38ppn platform (

The Six38ppn platform is a financial-growth ecosystem assisting those who need to initiate new ideas and projects. This ecosystem has various subsections including debt loans, coin exchange, equity investment, crowd funding, online cooperative with rewards plans and Six38 commodity brands.

XENIA Coin is built on Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts while complying with ERC20 standards. The coin provides stability to the coin-holder because it is supported by major investors; this support, in a way, decreases XENIA Coin’s volatility that is otherwise common with other cryptocurrencies.   

The future plans of XENIA Coin on Six38ppn 

The Six38ppn platform and XENIA Coin are coming together to bring exciting offerings in the future. They are planning to introduce next-gen ATMs for providing full-service terminals; interacting with these ATMs will become more streamlined once they are integrated with XENIA prepaid cards. This card allows the investors to make a safe, easy, quick withdrawal of the funds stored on the Six38ppn platform.

Besides, XENIA Coin has launched a dedicated mobile application for offering a robust P2P send-and-receive remittance service for the African diaspora. It provides an instant payment system connected with XeniaTeller users who can pick the closest physical location from where they can easily withdraw or add cash, the prepaid card will be integrated on the app so that elite users can transfer funds from their wallet to the prepaid card, giving them access to fiat instantly. 

All the withdrawal or storage transactions will be done through a user’s XeniaTeller wallet; this wallet will be linked to the XeniaTeller app, this app also fuses a rideshare feature that will enable user to get a taxi ride, settling drivers through XENIA Coins.

Xenia Token ICO

Now, Xenia is in the closing phase of its ICO, investors can participate in the development of the projects.  Six38ppn, a venture capital platform of Xenia, will diversify the funds into raiding real assets as the various ecosystem has been set already ready to function at the close of the ico. 

As XENIA Coin is backed by key mainstream investors such as Six38ppn and Jeidsam Conglomerate, the token’s stability remains unquestionable. The chances of this digital asset’s price fluctuation are fewer as it is powered by real-world assets.   


Xenia has entered another phase with the ICO, an airdrop campaign is on, $2Million value of Xenia coin has been designated for this campaign, so do not miss to receive 10XEN free for doing some few simple tasks here: @XeniacoinAirdropBot

And if you download Xenia Teller app or Xenia driver app you will receive another extra 10XEN.


If you are in the Gauteng area in South Africa, it’s a good time to connect with the xenia team at their conference on the 29th of September, 9am -12pm
Venue: 128 Richards Drive, Half Way House, Midrand, Johannesburg. Please register@

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you can also read its white paper on the site and get detailed information about the project? Here’s the link to the ico site:

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