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20% Bonus at the closing phase of the Xenia coin ICO which is open for the next 3 days, starting today. Please visit: ,  

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Dear Community Members,

Xenia coin is an asset backed cryptocurrency. The proprietary token of the six38ppn ecosystem, an independent venture capital platform.
It is quite an exciting time for us in the Xenia family, as we are integrating all our projects! The close of this month of September ushers in "The Teller" feature on the Xenia Teller App, with provision for you to sign up as a Teller in your location, as well as pay for your Xenia Driver ride with the Xenia coin.

Xenia coin has entered another phase with the ICO. An Airdrop Campaign is on! $2Million value worth of the Xenia coin has been designated for this campaign. Endeavour not to miss out on receiving 10XEN for FREE!
simply follow the link here:

Download the Xenia Teller App or the Xenia Driver App, and you will receive extra 10XEN!

The long-awaited Xenia pre-paid card is just around the corner. We are very excited to be the first to offer a functioning pre-paid card in Africa. With this card, you can easily convert your Xenia coin to fiat. If you are in Africa, you can whitelist within the App so that you will be one of the first to receive it. The Xenia pre-paid card will work on any ATM within African and abroad. You will love your experience with the Xenia card.
We encourage you to read the Xenia coin whitepaper thoroughly and understand the potential of what you are involved in.
Download available @:
Also, endeavour to secure your 20% bonus within this open window and seize this lifetime opportunity.
Our community is getting stronger and by the close of October, we should be in one or two good exchanges.
Seize this opportunity. Visit:
For more information, please contact:

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