Posted at:/2018-11-07 13:03:29

New graphical interface for News Section!  

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Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that Dank Signals officially has a brand new layout for the news section page! We have been working tirelessly over the past month to put this together for everyone utilizing the network after gathering a lot of community feedback!

Our crypto news section page is also now available WITHOUT even having to log into your account! Just browse the “news” tab at the top of the homepage to view current up to date news!

This new layout is much smoother on the eyes, and more graphical! New features include four categories! Platform updates & news, sponsored news stories, cointelegraph widget news and widget news.

These feeds are automatically updated in real time so you can rest assured you will always find the most recent gossip within the crypt- space on our platform!
We are still actively tweeking and making future adjustments, soon we will allow for article comments and the ability to share publications on other social platforms :)

We want to extend our soncerest gratitude to everyone that continues to support our development & purchase Dank Signals Tokens on ECEX Exchange to help fund our ecosystem and allow us to continue building a new services for everyone around the world! We are in this together! You can get your tokens on here - Visit ECEX Exchange!

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