Lease Dank Signals Automated Trading Tool or purchase media options for your Blockchain company!  

Posted at:/2018-12-10 19:41:41

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Do you need media to grow your audience or new marketing exposure for your blockchain infrastructure, company token sale, airdrop or referral program? Get affordable exposure with crypto news today on Dank Signals Traders Knowledge Hub! Pay via Ethereum, Bitcoin and many more alt-coins.

Please review our offers below to purchase premium media from Dank Signals for your company or blockchain endeavour today! Publicize an article, get your platform reviewed, post advertisements & list your token sale in our calendar to gain exposure and new audience, increase investors and have your message heard today! Visit to place an order for media.

We have three subscription options for the Dank Signals Automated Trading Tool at incredible prices. This tool operates with 9 technical indicators and three major crypto exchanges via secure APi.

It trades any market you select (e.g. DOGE-BTC, DOGE-ETH, DOGE-USDT), it sells purchase orders after selected profit is achieved or secures losses with selected stop loss. This bot does not manipulate volume, price of tokens, & does not engage in fraudulent behaviour or anything fraudulent in nature. It is simply an automated trading tool that feeds data from chosen setting for the indicators and can save you time from having to recheck the market daily to capitalize on decisions. It will scan data based on the interval timeframe chosen by the user, making purchase/sell decisions based of reliable data.

There is also a guide available on the “ Purchase BOT” page on Dank Signals Traders’ Knowledge Hub to help you through the process! Visit to purchase a trading bot subscription today

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